Prof. Dolan's MTF Class
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Prof. Dolan's MTF Class
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Professor Thomas J. Dolan

Professor Dolan has done nuclear fusion research at LANL, LLNL, ORNL, and NIFS (Japan), and served as Head of the Physics Section at the International Atomic Energy Agency. He has taught at various places, including the University of Illinois, Tsinghua University (Beijing), SWIP, and the Institute for Plasma Research (Gandhinagar, India).   Now he is revising the technology chapters of his book "Fusion Research" (1982) as "Magnetic Fusion Technology" (2012), while teaching that topic at ASIPP from May to July.

ASIPP Class on Magnetic Fusion Technology

The course lasts 10 weeks and covers the following topics:

1. Introduction

2. Technology issues

3. Water-cooled magnets

4. Superconducting magnets

5. Plasma heating and current drive

6. First wall, blanket, and shield

7. Control Systems

8. Materials issues

9. Vacuum systems

11. Plasma diagnostic systems

13. Power Plant Designs


The following topics are in the book but may not be not covered in this class:

10. Cryogenic systems

12. Safety and environment

14. Fusion-Fission Hybrids


The class will describe technology concepts, with emphasis on solving practical problems.

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